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Jump on the Green Wagon

If you know me well, in the past few months you may have heard me talk about or seen me drinking my most recent morning smoothie. I like to call it my Super Green Goddess (or God) smoothie. This easy to make smoothie is packed with 7 amazing detoxifying ingredients, that I definitely wouldn't get into my system otherwise. Let's just face it, some vegetables, taste way better in a cold smoothie, than on a plate.

I've always preferred making a smoothie, over juicing at home. This may be due to the simple fact that I prefer to clean a blender over a juicer, any day. Although, there are a ton of smoothie flavors out there that I appreciate and love to drink on a nice day, this Green Goddess Detox concoction is my current favorite. Ever since I started to drink it consistently (at least 4x per week) my skin is glowing and I have SOOO much more energy throughout my day. People often ask me if it tastes good, my answer is always, "Of course it does, would you like some?" Plus, it is extremely good for you.

The benefits from the greens alone are enough to convince me to drink it. The parsley aids in digestion and helps to reduce water retention and bloating. It's a powerful detoxifier, removing toxins from the body, and acting as a diuretic by flushing out the kidneys and purifying blood. Celery is extremely hydrating with it's high water content, and it helps to lower high blood pressure and reduce puffiness. Kale is great for strengthening the body, creating beautiful skin and boosting the immune system.

The frozen mangoes are my favorite part of the smoothie, loaded with fiber and omega fatty acids, and giving the green smoothie its nice creamy base. The orange juice (my second favorite part) gives you an immune system boost, boosts cellular repair and improves circulation.

Mint leaves help to flush out nasty toxins in a timely manner. While the chia seeds help stabilize blood sugar levels and leave you with longer lasting Energy throughout your day.

Grab all the ingredients below, chop everything up and add to a blender with Orange Juice. Puree until it is smooth to your liking and Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!! See you on the Mat! XOXO~Alicia

1/2 Cup Parsley

3 Medium Ribs of Celery

1 1/2 Cups Kale

1 1/2 Cups Frozen Mango

1 Cup Orange Juice

1/4 Cup Mint

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

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